(We will be updating this page with our current Ambassadors)


We’re often asked, “What should I put in my sponsorship proposal? ” Or better yet, "How do I create a proposal? ".

This isn’t the question you should ask a company you’re seeking sponsorship from. Usually, if we have to suggest what to include in your proposal, your offering may not be strong enough to earn a spot in our Ambassadors Program.

Sponsorship proposals are essentially your plan for exposure on your vehicle, team, or program. So take this as an opportunity to capture the essence of your program, your vehicle, your driver(s), and/or maybe even yourself.

Remember, we receive thousands of proposals every year. be creative, make them fun, think about how you can offer things that others can’t, and always try to understand that the more value you bring increases the likelihood of your proposal being considered.

In a sponsorship proposal, we’re looking for the following at minimum:

  • Information about you, your program/team, etc. (Mostly about you)
  • Information about the vehicle(s). (*Required)
  • Pictures of your vehicle. (Please do not send image of your car in a driveway, send good images as you would see in a magazine)
  • Your event schedule. (*Required)
  • Your plan for exposure (media, other partnerships, etc). (*Required, remember, we are also investing in you)
  • Your social media handles/links, links to your websites. (*Required)
  • Other current sponsors. (If any)
  • What you’re offering (high res images, livery placement & sizing, exposure plan, etc.).
  • What you’re looking for from Ultra Racing USA.

Again, remember that your proposal will be reviewed and considered along with all of the other proposals we receive. Figure out what you can offer that will bring value, what makes you unique, and what will position you above others with similar builds. We want to read your feelings and thoughts.


Below is a question form if you have questions (only) concerning the proposal process.

Please submit your proposal, including all images, in a Word Document and send the file to:, with the subject line: "Brand Ambassador Program Submission."

If you do not follow the submission instructions, your submission will not be reviewed. We have denied so many builds good enough for SEMA booths or Super Street Magazine simply because the proposal was not put into a Word Document.

We want to wish you the best luck. Let's build together. 


Best Regards, 

Jared Norman - Senior Vice President of Marketing