Audi S4 for the Family wagon, why not!

Aug 5th 2022

Audi S4 for the Family wagon, why not!

For many a chassis bracing is something that does not cross your mind, but for Eddie with his family driven Audi S4 it was a must. 

Many of us have Dad or Mom mobiles that are just not fun to drive kids around, but you add a few bracing to your car and the experience of that vehicle makes a different drive. 

First we started in the rear of Eddie's S4 by adding a rear subframe brace. 

The rear brace help firm the subframe which hold the entire suspension of the vehicle. The subframe in any vehicle has a slight movement to help reduce the feel of the roads. By tying the rear subframe we can firm up the suspension a bit which then help the driver feel more planted to the road. 

Make that experience better when you have a few adults in the back seat, and safer.

Next we added a few additional braces to the mid of the vehicle. 

The rear mid brace is an added support to the center of the vehicle. We tie the center areas to the chassis of the S4. This is giving you a center support when weight transfers when turning.

The brace is low profile to clear those bumps at the Mall.

Next up is a brace that, in my opinion helps the transmission. 

Yes it is simple but affective. The brace ties the areas where the transmission cradle sits on. By tying the two points, the flex of the vehicles body has been eliminated, which may help with transmission torque. 

And the last brace looks great. We call this a 4 point strut brace. 

The difference in our design to other is that we designed it as a one piece giving you a much more ridged structure. We took what Audi had designed in their OE design of taking the points from the strut tower to the firewall. Well, that is all good, but what about side to side?

Many of our designs require no modification to your vehicle. We use existing mounting points within the vehicle. 

All our products are track tested.