TESLA MODEL 3 Chassis Bracing

Dec 13th 2021

TESLA MODEL 3 Chassis Bracing

As time moves into new technologies, electric vehicles come to mind. After 2 years of developing and testing areas that may need improvement or better yet help stabilize the subframe. Tesla Model 3 is already a great car and not much improvement is needed. 

We developed 4 units, front and rear anti-sway braces in the same sizes as the OE version, but in solid steel for more tension and better performance and a front and rear subframe brace. 

This Tesla Model 3 is already heavy modified. The owner is a track junky and loves pushing his Tesla Model 3 to its limits. 

We chose this person, because we needed to push our bracing to its limits. Unfortunately the front 4 point subframe brace did not work with this vehicle. If you have Solid Front Lower Control Arm Bearings by Mountain Pass Performance our brace will not work without modifying the control arm bolts. Something we are still working on. 

Our front subframe did not work because the owner of the Tesla had the MPP lower control arm spherical bushings. If you install our bracing with the MPP busing, you will find that the bolt is not long enough. 

The MPP busing pin is pretty big compared to the stock Tesla Model 3 pin. We have tried to source this special bolt, trying to match the thread pitch and strength along with an extra 15MM to the size of the bolt to help clear an MPP control arm bushing and our 4 point chassis bracing. 

The point of our 4 point bracing is to help the vehicle with better front end torque stability and firm steering. More then what the electronic steering has to offer. 

Moving on to the rear of the subframe, we recommend that you hold the subframe in the same position it is at. You will be removing two major subframe bolts that pretty much hold the entire subframe. 

This 3 point unit just give the rear subframe extra strength to the vehicles stability. We are connecting the subframe bolts to the center of the subframe giving the frame an A shape, same style you will see in performance vehicles such as Ferrari F430 subframes. 

As we grow, we hope to develop more for this vehicle. The Tesla Model 3 is our main focus, because of its popularity and reliability. 

Any questions you may have, please contact us