Toyota Tacoma 3Rd Generation Development

Toyota Tacoma 3Rd Generation Development

Sep 8th 2018

Well, not sure if this is so much of a development, but more like retesting some old product on our US based two-wheel drive, Toyota Tacoma 3rd Generation platform from the 8th Generation Toyota Hilux.

We tested a 19MM rear anti-sway brace with mounting hardware. The sway bar mounts directly to the frame with no modification. DIRECT BOLT ON.

We also tested a front mount tower brace, or also know as a strut brace. 

The mounting points on the front brace is a bit different then the Hilux, but that is expected. With the combo of both the rear anti-sway brace and a front mount tower bar, help the frame from over flexing. 

We love the results of having the two together, our steering feel more tight and moving into lanes does not feel sluggish. 

We let our staff test the truck out without the brace, Pedro (online tech) was our test subject. 

We should have this product fully developed and ready for our Tacoma owners by the end of 2018.

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