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Each product comes with a unique serial number found on the silver tag. This is for authentication.

All products are backed by a 5 year manufacturing warranty from the date you received your products. Warranty covers welds and metal snaps. If products are re-powder-coated a color other than our company color of white, warrantying may be on either a case-by-case basis or voided.

If you live in an area that sees snow, warranty is limited to 1 year.

MUST READ BEFORE PURCHASING: Bracing has been designed to fit stock vehicles with no aftermarket modifications. Vehicles with high mileage, body damage, or old age may have chassis flex that will cause mounting points for bracing to not line up perfectly. Modification may be needed for bracing to line up perfectly. If you are unsure about fitment, please email us.

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Mini R60 COUNTRYMAN R60 Rear Lower Bar / Rear Member Brace



Mini Countryman R60 COUNTRYMAN R60 Front Strut Bar / Front Strut Bar / Front Tower Bar UR-TW2-1497

Will work with all models including AWD

Lower Tie Bar - the lower tie bar is a hollow steel bar that sometimes comes with a curve and it bolts directly to the lower suspension points of a vehicle and ties them together, hence the name “Tie Bar”. By installing an Ultra Racing lower tie bar your vehicle will be better protected from damage or deformities that can occur during hard and high speed braking and cornering. Other attributes given by the tie bar would be improved handling and steering of the vehicle. Our one-piece design will never need to be adjusted, tightened, or risk failing from moving parts like the multi-piece design found in the market.

Strut Bars - also known as a “strut tower brace”, this bar connects to the top of the strut towers (either front or rear) and prevents the chassis flexing during cornering.

It makes the chassis more rigid, resulting in better handling, by preventing the strut towers from flexing, also helps with shock tower loads and equally moves force through the chassis.

Made from ASTM A500 Grade A (American US Standard Mild Steel)

All materials used are carefully selected to ensure the best performance and safety. The brackets are made of 4MM to 5MM steel plates, while the hollow steel tubes and oval tubes are of 1.2MM to 1.6MM thickness. These materials' thicknesses ensure the bars are rigid and strong to maintain constant geometry at all times, yet safe enough to crumble during an impact.

For more information on the design, check out our knowledge page: